A boy Runs Into Traffic On Highway To Save Cat Thrown Out of Car

Erin Brown was driving on a highway, taking her son, Gavin, to a birthday party, when they witnessed something heartbreaking happen right before their eyes.

She saw a window on a moving car in front of them opening, someone suddenly threw a cat out of the opened window.

Erin screamed and slammed on her brakes!

As soon as she stopped Gavin ran out of the car and signalled incoming traffic to stop so he could reach the cat and save it.

A 14 years old Gavin rushed to the bridge and took the shocked cat, Erin went from shocked to speechless when she saw how her son reacted.

He was at the side of the overpass, scooping up the terrified cat in his arms and running back to his mom’s car.

Erin couldn’t believe what her son had just done, but she was nothing short of proud of his bravery.

The traumatized cat was gasping for air. His nails were torn off from struggling to keep the grip to the pavement.

They took Lucky to Animal Hospital, and the staff took care of him and gave him meds to alleviate the pain.”He cuddled right into Gavin’s arms and Gavin held him tightly and just kept petting him to show him that we wouldn’t hurt him and gain the cat’s trust.”

“Gavin was not letting go of his new baby. The bond was instant, and he was a hot emotional mess over this cat,” Erin .

The two friends became very close. “Lucky is well aware that Gavin saved him, and their bond is one I just can’t describe,” Brown said. “Lucky is so far the sweetest cat I have ever met! He is so mellow and playful and just plain lovable!”

The heroic boy really cares about animals and he always wanted to be a veterinarian. We are convinced that he will be the best veterinarian in the world.

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