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He tries picking up her new born cub… Now watch how the lioness reacts, I’m BREATHLESS!!


  It goes without saying; you should never pick up a lioness’ cub… You might end up injured very badly, but this guy has such an amazing relationship with this lion that he can do almost anything and nothing happens! This lioness has the highest level of trust and respect…

Kitten looked grey like a mouse, but then he grew up… The results? I have no words for THIS.


  This little kitten looked grey as a mouse when he was born and everyone thought he would stay that color, but as time went on, something very bizarre and amazing happened… His color started CHANGING! Slowly but surly his he began to grow darker points, some people thought he…

11 Books Every Dog Lover Should Read


1. My Dog Tulip by J. R. Ackerley Penguin Random House Throughout his life, writer J. R. Ackerley didn’t consider himself a dog lover, until he came across Tulip, a German Shepherd that was “in love” with him. This book explores the emotions of dogs and our connection to them….

17 Dogs Meeting Their Humans For The First Time


1. This adorable little lady who just met her new dad. 2. And this sweet girl who just can’t stop smiling. 3. This tiny man who simply cannot contain his excitement. 4. This teeny tot who couldn’t be any happier about being with her new dad. 5. And this gentle…

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Cats


Your four-legged best friend is more complex than you imagined. Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about your cat (or about yourself). You know your cat, right? You know how to interpret every distinctive meow, mew and yeow. You know how he stretches right before he falls asleep. And you…