Funny Halloween/Christmas costumes for your pet

when you thought you had everything ready for Halloween/ Christmas, you might be realizing that your pet cat or dog is missing their own costume to join the spooky festivities.

Coming up with a Halloween / Christmas costume idea can be hard, imagine trying to do it for your four-legged baby.

We’ve got everything from Wonder Woman (or should we say Wonder cat?) to a laugh-out-loud sushi costume.

So without further ado, let us present to you the most purrrfect costumes that won’t be too ruff on your pockets.

1- the ferocious lion :

Let your dog’s inner wild animal come out with this hilarious lion’s mane that will make your cat or dog look like the king of the jungle.

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2-  A doctor :

Paging Dr. Kitty to the operating room. Make Halloween a family occasion and try one of these incredible group Halloween costumes.

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3- Bat pet :

This is one of the more versatile cat costumes. With these wings, you can dress your kitty up as a bat, Batman, Catwoman, or a vampire. You’ll instantly love these adorably funny cat and dog photos.

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4- Bread meme :

Remember the meme of the cat with his head through a slice of bread? Recreate it with your cat when you dress them up for Halloween. You could also try with a real slice of bread, but your cat might eat that quickly after you put it on their head.

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5- The Pirate :

The furriest pirate in the Caribbean sails the seven seas in search of hidden treasure and kitty kibble.

This hilarious costume gives the illusion that the pirate, aka your dog, is walking upright with an adorable hat and a hook for good measure.

We guarantee you won’t be able to stop laughing once you see your dog walking in this costume.

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6- The Christmas costume :

this costume is incredibly easy to put together. If you’re scrambling for a costume, don’t miss these last-minute Christmas costumes that are just so easy.

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6- A Banana pet :

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7- santa costume :

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8- Cowboy costume :

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9- cute hair :

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