Monk the vampire cat

This black cat with fangs bears a striking resemblance to the one and only Dracula.

‘He is a dark cat that came to me during dark times. Proof that black cats are GOOD luck’ his owner, Nicole Rienzie, of Long Island, New York, told.

Nicole Rienzie first met Monkey when she rescued him from the middle of the road. She was with her mom driving home when they had to hit the breaks to avoid running over a tiny, black ball of fur.

The pair found the kitten looking scared and sick. He was too skinny, infested with fleas, and he had a nasty eye infection that impaired his vision.

“At first I was trying to find him a home. A friend of mine was interested,” she added. “At that time however, I needed rescuing as well. I had lost my father to brain cancer and a close friend in a plane crash. I was grieving heavily and dealing with chronic pain from [a car] accident. I believe he was sent to me. A guardian angel in the form of a vampire kitty.”

She named him Monkey, and despite hurtful stereotypes, she learned black cats are anything but bad luck.

As Monk started getting older, Rienzie noticed that his teeth were growing into a long, fang shape.

His canine teeth grew much longer than any cat Nicole had seen before.

Slightly concerned, she took her vampire cat to the vet. She was relieved to hear that Monkey was completely healthy, and while it was rare for cats to have elongated canine teeth, it wasn’t unheard of. Monkey was simply special!

With his jet black fur and vampire teeth, it didn’t take long for Monkey to turn into an Internet sensation. Nicole says people often think she photoshops her cat’s pictures, but that isn’t the case. Monkey’s teeth are 100% real.

The vampire cat has nearly 147,000 followers on Instagram.

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