Officer Saves 4 baby kittens in Abandoned boat

One day, Trooper Sage Schafer was out with his supervisor on what seemed to be a typical routine discovery of an abandoned boat.

It had been left on the side of the interstate for roughly 24 hours and was lying on its side after falling off the blocks it was set on.

When the troopers arrived at the scene, caught their attention the sound of faint crying coming from the boat…

The sounds they heard were unmistakably kitten cries.

Trooper and his supervisor immediately started digging through the rubbish.

They had to do quite a bit of digging to track down the cries.

It was unclear whether they’d been abandoned on the boat, born in it, or placed in it afterward.

The officers began looking for any trace of the mother cat around the area, but returned empty handed.

Leaving them in the boat was a risk the officers weren’t willing to take.

They knew the baby kittens wouldn’t survive for long without their mom.

The officers then contacted an experienced local animal rescuer for help.

Luckily, the rescuer responded and welcomed the kittens into her care with open arms.

Soon the kittens were taken to the vet where they received a clean bill of health.

Now it was time for them to grow big and strong.

With their bellies full of formula milk and a warm, safe place to sleep, these kittens have a bright future to look forward to.

Once they’re older and healthy, ready to meet their forever families!

Thanks to Trooper Schafer, the rescuer, and the other officers that selflessly jumped into action, these four lovely kittens are alive and thriving.

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