Pisco the real version of ‘puss in boots’

So cute that I’m going to melt.

If you’ve seen ‘Puss in Boots the adorable cat from the Shrek films
you know how much you wanted the boot-clad feline to be real.

You’d think round, gigantic eyes like that can only exist in animation.

Pisco, a three-year-old Golden British Shorthair who lives with his parents in New York City.
When his family first got him, they didn’t immediately realize that they got their very own Puss in Boots copycat.

Pisco also did not have quite the same color as Puss in Boots, and his fur was fluffier, so it took a while before his owners realized he had a fictional twin.

Pisco’s special eyes are gaining many fans online.
His Instagram account has over 615,000 followers. And that’s not surprising at all, just looking into his eyes will make anyone’s day. And his chubby cheeks make his round eyes pop even more.

Pisco’s Instagram feed is filled with photos wearing different costumes.

A blog describes Pisco as a very calm cat who usually just goes with the flow.
For that they have to be extra mindful of him during photo shoots to see if something is bothering him with the costumes or the way they take pictures.

Like you, we can’t get enough of this cat’s cuteness. 🙂

Indulge yourself in Pisco’s adorable photos by scrolling through the gallery below.

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